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Hotmail sign up at takes just a few steps. It is to give you an opportunity to use one of the best free email services available today. Hotmail provides a rich user-friendly interface and unlimited storage. It is combined with the availability of SkyDrive to store, organize and manage your files online. The sign up option for a new MSN hotmail Signup also known as Microsoft account. It is available at MSN Hotmail Login or Sign In as show in the image below.

Hotmail Sign up

Create a Hotmail account is free, easy and fast. In this article I show you how to register to access Hotmail and one of the best email service in the world.

How To Create Hotmail Account – Hotmail SignUp

To start, you need to type in the search the following address:, or (as you know, is updating and new interface of Microsoft).

hotmail signup

This page presents you with a from where you are required to fill in a few personal information details. It is on the form where you type in your preferred username and passwords among other important details for your new Microsoft account. Then you have to write the data you requested in this case are: Name, Surname, Date of Birth and Sex. If the email you want to create will correspond to a personal company, you can leave unfilled box indicating sex. Now it’s time to choose a name and a termination email. i.e extension you will need your email Hotmail Sign In –,,,

Once you submit the details for your new MSN Hotmail signup. Then, you will get another screen as shown in the image below, Welcoming you to your new MSN Hotmail inbox. With latest version of Hotmail they now call it inbox. A video is also available at the screen. In case you would need to take a tour to understand the various features of your MSN Hotmail free email service. Otherwise you just need to click on Continue to to inbox button. As at this stage you are actually through with your MSN Hotmail sign up process. Inside the MSN Hotmail or inbox, you will find your first email message from the Outlook Team. It will highlight some of the basics of Hotmail. But the interface makes it easier for you to perform email tasks and organize your messages.

Using the new inbox after MSN Hotmail sign up, you will be able to easily organize your email messages in folders. MSN Hotmail will automatically archive your emails, detect spam emails with its filters and send them to the Junk folder. You can also create a new folder for any other criteria of organizing your emails. The new MSN Hotmail or inbox also has Quick views with flexible categories for viewing emails with documents, photos or those that have been flagged.
Next to the Outlook logo you will find a drop down arrow that allows you to switch to other services used together with MSN Hotmail free email service upon sign up. These include People, Calendar and SkyDrive.

Now you go to the ACCEPT button and presto!. Already have an Hotmail email account successfully created, in a few easy steps. Only now, you will have to Hotmail Sign In. Again to the homepage to giving in Hotmail Login and can enjoy sending and receiving emails to family and friends.

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